Improving your care

Rosedean House Surgery is announcing a new initiative that aims to improve the care you receive from the practice.

We are developing an acute care team of doctors, nurses, health care assistants and pharmacists to help you with medical problems quickly and efficiently.

Why are we doing this?

We are very aware of the difficulty in obtaining a doctor’s appointment, and the unfortunate 08:00 rush to phone for one. We know that needs to be improved, and that there can sometimes be a delay in the doctor calling you back about a medically urgent problem, something that is far from ideal.

We are therefore designing a more focused care system local to you at the surgery, delivered by your trusted clinical team responsive to urgent need.

How will we deliver this service?

When you phone in for an appointment our patient advisers will ask you a few additional questions so that they can help the medical team prioritise your call and ensure you get the right care at the right time.

If your problem is an emergency, we will ask you to call 999 unless you need support in doing so.

If your problem is medically urgent our patient adviser will put you on an urgent ring back list for the next available clinician to call you.

If your problem needs less urgent attention the medical team will call you back later in the day and discuss things with you on the phone.

They may be able to resolve your problem over the phone, saving you a trip to the surgery.

If you need to be seen you will be offered an immediate appointment at our Acute Care Hub, or prompt care by an appropriate clinician for your need, or if you prefer, your preferred GP as soon as possible dependent on your doctor’s working pattern and your personal preferences.

Your feedback is important

The purpose of this scheme is to deliver a better, more responsive service to patients, and we are confident that your experience of care will be improved.

However we also need your help and patience to get the scheme working well, and your feedback on what is, or isn’t, working.