Travel Guidance

We run a Travel Health Clinic on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings on a rota basis.

It is important to book an appointment more than a month before departure as you may require courses of vaccinations that take a month to complete.

Please complete our online Travel Health Assessment Form at least 2 working days before your clinic appointment. This allows us to process your travel plans and endeavour to provide a one stop clinic.

Last Minute Travelling

Last minute travel is great business for the Travel Agent but not for your safety! There are many infections and diseases that we have never been exposed to out there, like daytime biting mosquitoes that cause Dengue Fever and the increase of night-biting malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

Longer stay holiday makers are being recommended to consider the pre-exposure course of vaccinations because once you are bitten there may be no immunoglobulin injections available, as it is in very short supply at present.

We want you to enjoy a very happy and memorable holiday but not memorable by returning with an illness you can prevent through appropriate vaccination.