Clinics and Services

We offer the below services and clinics:

New Patient Checks

The practice needs all newly registered patients to consult with one of the Partners or a practice nurse within the first three months of registering. Medical Records can take some time to arrive at the practice therefore it is important for the practice to obtain as much medical information as possible about newly registered patients.

Patients who are on regular medication, attending the hospital for ongoing treatment, under the age of 5 years or over the age of 75 years, will need to consult with a doctor when registering with the practice.

Practice Services

Under 5 years

Childhood vaccinations will be administered by the practice nurses to any child under the age of 5.

Under 16 years

We are happy to consult with and treat patients under the age of 16 years without their parent’s permission as long as they have the capacity and understanding to make decisions about their own treatment.

All information will be kept confidential between the patient and their doctor. However where a competent young person or child is refusing treatment for a life threatening condition, the duty of care would require the doctor/nurse to inform those with parental responsibility for the child as they may be able to provide the necessary consent for the treatment.

Over 75 years

The practice believes that it is in the patients’ interest to see their doctor or practice nurse at least once a year so that they can take advantage of our specific medical checks designed just for persons over the age of 75 years.

Other Services


The practice has access to trained counsellors from Outlook Southwest who provide counselling sessions for our patients.

The service is entirely confidential and is available to all registered patients. The counsellors are trained to deal with a wide range of emotional and psychological issues.

Patients can self-refer to Outlook Southwest by either calling 01208 871905 or going to

Smoking Cessation

For smoking support please navigate to, contact on 01209 615 600 or email:

Antenatal Appointments

Please contact your Midwife to make antenatal appointments.